How do I place an order?

Simply submit a cart or fill out the order form to get in touch with Grace. Once Grace speaks with you and confirms your order, it has been placed. You can expect 24-48 hour turnaround time, depending on if it's a holiday or weekend. Grace will communicate clear and reasonable timelines for your order.

Payment and Delivery


Payment is accepted through EFT or cash. Depending on your order, you may have to put down a deposit. Grace will communicate this with you once you complete your order with her. Pick up is always free at her address (QEW and Dixie) and delivery within 10KM of that area is dependent on her availability. Delivery outside of 10KM can be arranged for an additional fee. Please provide your exact address for delivery so an accurate quote can be made for your custom delivery.

If you have submitted an order cart or form online, your order has not been secured or confirmed until Grace has spoken with you. Once you have verbally spoken to her, your order has been confirmed. Most orders require a minimum of 24 hours and up to 72 hours for larger orders. Please inquire with Grace to get accurate timelines.

Ingredients & Freshness

Grace's menu gives you a general idea of what might be included in your box. Every box has a curated-aspect to it as Grace will bring in the freshest, seasonal ingredients possible. Your order may not include the exact ingredients that are displayed on the pictures on this website. Rest assured, all the pictures are Grace's own property and she will create boxes and platters that are often similar, if not the same in quality and freshness. She will only serve her clients ingredients that she would feed her own family.

Returns & Refunds

Since Grace's products are perishable and unable to be reused, returns and refunds will not be made. Making returns or refunds are on a case-by-case basis. If an extended amount of time has gone by (more than 3 days of receiving order), then there is definitely no return or refund that will be issued.